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About Lifewire

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Children are meant to enjoy their carefree childhoods, but unfortunately, there is a group of children who suffer from rare diseases every single day. These basic rights such as survival and health have become distant dreams for them. 


Since established in 2014, Lifewire has been devoted to connecting caring individuals with sick children in society, hoping to bridge the gap between them. 


We have always been provide support to patients and their families, raising funds for their medical treatment through large-scale fundraising events, online donations, and other initiatives. In addition, we actively promote rare diseases through various channels, educate and raise public awareness. To date, we have helped more than 3000 people from over 900 families. 

"Together! Let’s save children!" We believe that the responsibility of protecting children should not fall solely on one individual or company, but instead, it should be a collective effort. Let’s join hands and use our strengths to make the biggest impact possible. 

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