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Scholarship Awards will be given to top winners to take classes at See Change and further develop their public speaking skills.


The following prizes will be awarded in each division:

  • Champion

  • 1st Runner-up

  • 2nd Runner-up


All participants will receive:

  • Certificates (Distinction, Merit, or Honors)

  • Certificate of Participation


Other Prizes

•    Grand Champion will receive Hong Kong - Taiwan Flight Tickets from Any Tour

•    Winners will be awarded Ocean Park tickets to visit Ocean Park and different attractions

•    Winners will also receive Inclusive Play Space Guide from Playright

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Playright Children's Play Association-pdf.png

Other prizes and awards may be offered based on the discretion of judges. Sponsors may also offer awards and prizes, which will be announced before the submission date of the preliminary rounds.


•    Winners will be invited to Sharing Session / Awards Ceremony
•    Winners’ works will be eligible to be selected to be part of the compendium series

      titled “Voices of our Children”

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