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Judging Criteria:

Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School (Ages 5 - 18)

Loving Hong Kong

1. Hong Kong’s best…. (bakery, playground, etc.)
2. What I love about Hong Kong

Age 5 - 6 | 7 - 9 (1-2 min)
Age 10 - 12 | 13 - 15 | 16 - 18 (3-4 min)

  • Content of speech

  • Presentation style and skill

  • Persuasiveness

Judging panel includes (but not limited to) experts and scholars in English language and public speaking.

How to Join:

  1. Read our rules & regulations.

  2. Register now and make payment of HKD 250 (~USD 30) by 14th April, 2023 (Fri) at 5pm.

  3. Submit your video to us by 14th April, 2023 (Fri).

  4. Your place in the competition will only be confirmed after payment is received.

New topic will be released in Mid-April for Final Round.


Those selected as finalists will compete in the finals, and will need to prepare an original speech on a topic to be released about 3 days before the day of the competition. The judging panel will also conduct a brief live Q&A session with each participant.

Winners’ works will be eligible to be selected to be part of the compendium series titled “Voices of our Children”


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