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About See Change Education

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See Change Education nurture a community of young leaders, future world-shapers who appreciate the value of collaboration and use a guiding moral compass to help create societies that are more empathetic, responsible, and inclusive.

Our world-class curricula and courses - offered in-person, online and through schools and taught by high-performing coaches - emphasize 21st-century critical thinking, communication and media skills with a special focus on empowerment and the environment.

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The 3rd “AIM Cup”
Public Speaking Competition


  1. Playright

  2. Lifewire

Theme: Loving Hong Kong


Topics: (Choose one)

  1. Hong Kong’s best…. (bakery, playground, etc.)

  2. What I love about Hong Kong

Preliminary round:
Date:     14th April, 2023 (Fri)
Venue:   Video submission

Final round:
Date:      22nd April, 2023 (Sat)
Mode:    Online

*New topic will be released in Mid-April for Final Round

About Lifewire

Children are meant to enjoy their carefree childhoods, but unfortunately, there is a group of children who suffer from rare diseases every single day. These basic rights such as survival and health have become distant dreams for them. 

Since established in 2014, Lifewire has been devoted to connecting caring individuals with sick children in society, hoping to bridge the gap between them. 


About Playright

The Playright Children's Play Association (Playright), established in 1987, is a Hong Kong-based charity organization encouraging children's play in society.

With our professionalism, passion and empowerment, we aim for building a society that respects, protects and fulfills a Child's Right to Play, where children can enjoy their happy and fruitful childhood.

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Supporting Unit

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